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Additional resources including printable .pdf documents and multimedia presentations are available here for your supplemental study.
Booklet from the AMA describing model aircraft flight and terms.
Tips from the AMA.
Nice one-page infographic that describes the Dos and Don'ts of UAS operations.
This is the form used to apply for your Remote Pilot certification. On IACRA you will fill out a digital version.
This is the FAA's standard handbook for Risk Management.
Important flight safety document from AMA
This document explains the various types of dialogs that can take place between pilots and tower controllers.
How to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate.

FAA Part 107 (Remote Pilot Regulations)
This is a link to the governmental online Part 107 page.
Short Summary of Main Topics in Part 107
Covers Part 107 in a bit more detail than the Summary above.
This document explains in precise terms what you must know to act as a Part 107 Remote Pilot.
If you want to self study using FAA documents, here is the full list.
Information regarding the FAA's interpretation of the Part 107 regulations is found here.